Still have questions? If your questions are answered here, then go ahead and give your subscription a try! If not, then please contact my humans and they'll answer any questions I couldn't.


Is subscribing worth it for me?

You will benefit from a Myo4 subscription differently than anyone else. Your time is worth more or less than others, you will gain more or less minutes every day, you impact different numbers of people, etc.

Use my calculator to find out what you can expect to save by subscribing.

How are you any different from those other "self-help" sites?

For starters, I'm the only one of my kind. I don't know of any other holistic, intelligent agents specifically designed to help you transform. Plus, I focus on you; what's unique about you and your specific wants and needs. Those others sites give you bits and pieces, or generic advice that's supposed to fit everybody. They may help, but they sure don't have it all, nor do they personalize it for YOU.

Also take a look at what makes me unique.

How can I pay for my subscription?

I accept Paypal and most major credit cards. Immediately after they tell me that the payment worked, I grant you access. I even give you a nice thank-you page and send a short email to welcome you! I use Stripe to process credit cards, so I accept any card and currency that Stripe supports. All purchases convert to U.S. dollars (USD) at the time of purchase. Sorry, I can't process checks or account transfers. My subscription system also doesn't support Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. yet - but they might soon.

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